Highly versatile

QuickSpeech offers you and your employees a multiply awarded tool which adapts to your companies needs and strengthens the retention of your workforce.

Our learning app is being used by companies of various  sectors and is much valued within market leaders.

Individually adaptable app


Customize all learning content that is adapted to your company together with us. Broaden the professional horizon of your employees playfully – together and without any pressure.



Our mission: maximal efficiency for the sake of the development of your employees.

Limitless fields of application


Entry-level information

Corporate trainings

Job rotation

Evaluation tool

Product trainings

Product enrollments

Product details

Audit preparation

Strengthening employee retention

Knowledge Transfer

Accompaniment of classroom trainings
Service Guidelines
Health and safety at work
Knowledge checks

Employee training

Apprentice training


Junior management trainings

Foreign language trainings

Learning efficiency redefined

QuickSpeech is customer-friendly and highly effective

With our method we reach companies from all industrial sectors that trust in sustained learning.


Convince yourself of QuickSpeech and increase the know-how of your employees on a daily basis.

Better Every Day.

Georg Büchner, Morawa

QuickSpeech verwandelt unsere Filial-Mitarbeitenden mit kleinen Wissensportionen spielerisch leicht in tägliche Lerner!

Brigitte Nagy


Mit Hilfe der QuickSpeech-App erlernen unsere Lehrlinge Tag für Tag neues Bio-Fachwissen. In den Challenges können sie das Gelernte unter Beweis stellen. Diese fordern unsere Lehrlinge heraus, machen Spaß und stärken den Teamgeist!

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