Fachwissen durch Gamification

Effektive Mitarbeiterweiterbildung führt zu langfristigen Unternehmenserfolgen. Die Vermittlung von unternehmensspezifischen Wissen ist deswegen entscheidend.

Mit dem spielerischen Prinzip der QuickSpeech-App wird Weiterbildung zu echtem Teambuilding.

Zugeschnitten auf Ihre Bedürfnisse

QuickSpeech ist ein Lern-Tool, das auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und Lerninhalte zugeschnitten wird.

Die Einsatzbereiche sind vielfältig:

Branchenspezifisches Wissen, laufende Mitarbeiter-Trainings und Onboarding-Prozesse.

Knowledge via gamification


Effective employee development leads to long-term success. Therefore, the conveyance of company-specific knowledge is vital in order to guarantee lived sustainability.

With the playful approach of the QuickSpeech app advanced education becomes a process of real team building.

Custom-tailored to your needs

QuickSpeech is the learning tool that is customized for your demand and learning content.

The range of application is versatile:

Sectoral knowledge, ongoing employee training and

onboarding processes.

With QuickSpeech, content variations are limitless

Company specific

special knowledge


Training of young employees

Product trainings,


Knowledge transfer,

Accompaniment of presence trainings

further individual possibilities

Example of use:
Apprentice training

With more than 125.000 apprentices in Austria modern apprentice training is crucial.

Since there is a steadily decreasing attention span, rapidly conveyable knowledge and playful elements are inevitable in order to win young people over in the long run.

In times of smartphones and social media digital learning is the best solution for this purpose. Not opting for mobile means might seem alienating.


The mobile QuickSpeech app enables companies to convey information quickly and efficiently.

Better Every Day.

Example of use:

The first impression is essential for a successful cooperation. For this reason, the starting time in the company is one of the key phases for a long-term employee retention.

Studies have proven that well structured onboardings lead to a much higher employee retention. In case of an efficient onboarding 91% of the recently recruited employees stay longer than a year. If the onboarding however is inefficient, about 70% leave the company within the first year.

By using QuickSpeech every entry is easier, more efficient and the entire onboarding process is well-structured. Learning-on-the-job and the introduction to fellow workers are no longer obstacles.

Better Every Day.

Employees’ mother tongue possess a range of vocabulary of about 20.000 words. Using foreign languages, this number is significantly lower: employees know about 850 foreign words at an average.

Expand the company-specific vocabulary in foreign languages of your employees with QuickSpeech with made-to-measure terms. As a result, their level of knowledge relevant to the company increases by above 17%.

Away with cumbersome grammar apps and welcome learning success without use fatigue.

Better Every Day.

Example of use:
Expanding vocabulary

Learning efficiency redefined

QuickSpeech is customer-friendly and highly effective

With our method we reach companies from all industrial sectors that trust in sustained learning.


Convince yourself of QuickSpeech and increase the know-how of your employees on a daily basis.

Better Every Day.

Georg Büchner, Morawa

QuickSpeech verwandelt unsere Filial-Mitarbeitenden mit kleinen Wissensportionen spielerisch leicht in tägliche Lerner!

Brigitte Nagy


Mit Hilfe der QuickSpeech-App erlernen unsere Lehrlinge Tag für Tag neues Bio-Fachwissen. In den Challenges können sie das Gelernte unter Beweis stellen. Diese fordern unsere Lehrlinge heraus, machen Spaß und stärken den Teamgeist!

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